Do Italians know what is a WOK?

Today I will write in English, because I want my Italian colleagues to read this.

I am just back from Italy where I met in Rome with Federigo Masi („Mr. FRoSTA-Italy“) and our Italian FRoSTA team.

Over the last year we often strongly asked Federigo to sell FRoSTA Bami-Goreng, Nasi Goreng and Indian Chicken. And he had a really difficult time to convince us that


As he usually delivered very good results we did not bother him too much and he build a great market, mainly for fish and vegetable products! And actually Federigo was right, I think Italy is the country that has the smallest number of international restaurants. To find a Chinese restaurant in Rome is almost impossible.

But this time when I arrived in Rome it was different: Federigo told me about a new, very successful restaurant in the central train station of Rome, called “ W O K “. So after our meeting I went there and this is how it looks:

Extremely fashionable design, no pizza or pasta on the menu only asian food. And many Italians eating it! It must have been a cultural shock for Federigo.

As I continued my trip to Sperlonga and Naples I asked some of my Italian friends: “What is a WOK?” And I must report that 60% of them told me “a Chinese pan”. So the market has definitely changed. Italians start to be interested in foreign food and Federigo will have to sell our excellent FRoSTA WOK meals in Italy!

PS: One more photo: In Italy you can even find frozen pasta from Barilla!

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Felix Ahlers (Vorstand)

Felix Ahlers (Vorstand)

Seit 1999 arbeite ich bei FRoSTA und bin derzeit Vorstandsvorsitzender im Hamburger Büro.
Im Sommer spiele ich Tennis und Kitesurfe gerne! Und natürlich koche ich sehr gerne und manchmal bin ich mit dabei, wenn unsere Produktentwicklung an neuen Rezepten arbeitet...

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